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The Young Writer

on July 17, 2006

Mindy Hardwick with her catThis was me when I was younger. I am sitting with my cat and a strange boy that used to bother me a lot. My cat’s name was Sunshine. This picture is from my scrapbook from long ago. I still have the book, the boy still bothers me but the cat is no longer with me.

Mindy Hardwick as a young child This was me in Buenos Aires Argentina this year. It’s in a nice suburb called San Isidro. We took the train to El Tigre to go to McDonalds and on the way back stopped off here to get some coffee and sugar. It was a Sunday and very quiet.


2 responses to “The Young Writer

  1. Atlas says:

    Hey, I saw your new blog. Looks great. I have been to Buenos Aires too. Very nice place for tango.

  2. Mindy says:

    Hey Atlas,

    Thanks for the reply! Tango is great. I take some classes in Seattle. I’ll post more about them later. Cool blog, eh? I’m pretty impressed!


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