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Three Editor Day

on September 1, 2006

When I thought about being a writer, I pictured myself writing books, mainly young adult novels, and having one editor. Today, I had a three editor day. And not one of those editors was for a young adult novel.

When I got up, I already knew that I would be talking to one editor. I had a scheduled conference call with an editor about a non-fiction book idea. But, the magic of writing is that sometimes nothing happens, and sometimes A LOT happens and today was one of the magic days where A LOT happened.

I checked my e-mail, grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to tackle a novel idea that is taking shape from some backstory work I did on a character last spring. I can’t seem to get back to the main novel idea, but one of the characters was pulling at me this morning. I reread some of his back-story and realized there was probably a much younger novel in the back-story. So, with another swig of coffee, I got down to work.

I worked steadily for an hour, writing and cutting, and seeing where the 850 word goal I had set for the day wanted to take me. After about an hour in a half, and stuck on the epiphany moment of the scene, I flipped over into my e-mail. Low and behold, while I had been working, an editor had responded with a positive yes to a query about an article I had sent two weeks ago.

I smiled, and got back to work on finishing the 850 words with my eye on the clock and watching for the time when I needed to unhook my internet and pop onto my phone line (yes, they are connected. I confess. I still have dial-up. The advantage is once I’m on the internet, I don’t hear the phone ring and my writing time is not disrupted).

At 11:30, I headed toward the phone and the conference call with the editor in New York. I was a bit nervous. I was picthing an idea for a non-fiction book. I kept telling myself, it’s just like pitching at a conference, only not face to face. The call lasted ten minutes. I smiled as the phone beeped and I pictured an old New York Brownstone in Brooklyn. At one point, a siren went by on her end, and again, I pictured open windows, hot summer air streaming into a small office, somewhere in NYC. 

Ten minutes later, I got off the phone and headed back to my computer. My mind buzzed with thoughts about the article and the non-fiction book proposal. I clicked back into my e-mail. Two e-mails from editors at Blooming Tree Press. One message instructed me to send my phone number so I could be contacted about the shipment of Summer Shorts. I immediately sent my phone number.

At the end of the day, the phone rang. I smiled as I glanced at my caller ID. Miriam Hess of Blooming Tree Press. Editor number three with the best news of the day….Summer Shorts is on it’s way to my house! Three boxes of the bulk order!!! Just in time for the book party on September 9.

When I thought about becoming a writer, it didn’t occur to me that I might work with more than one editor. I never dreamed that I would write short stories, articles, and non-fiction books. I had only dreamed about the young adult novel. Today, I’m glad that the magic of writing has a much bigger picture than I might dream. It’s great fun to have a three editor day!  


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