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“Twists and Changes in the Young Adult Novel”

on November 3, 2006

I went to the mailbox and pulled out my subscription copy of The Writer magazine. And there it was….”Twists and Changes in the Young Adult Novel.” written by Mindy Hardwick. I wanted to jump up and down in the post office.

Check it out…December issue of The Writer Magazine, page 42-43.

The article profiles three of my favorite writers. Lauren Myracle, Meg Kearney, and Liza Ketchum. It discusses each writer’s choice of structure: IM, Multi-Voice, and Verse. And explores how stories no longer need come in one package or structure.

Each of these fabulous writers played keystone moments in my own development as a writer and it was an honor to profile them in the article.

Meg Kearney greeted me at the doorway of the writing world at the National Book Foundation Summer Writing Camp. I admired her curls that are like mine and wanted desperately to be like her–a writer.

Liza Ketchum greeted me at the doorway of the Vermont College MFA world. During my first lunch at Vermont College, Liza sat across from me and chatted with me about writing. Honestly, I was a bit intimidated of her. I felt as if she just might be able to see all the way inside me to places I wasn’t sure I was ready to reveal. That same summer, she was one of my first workshop leaders and became instrumental in helping guide the direction of my novel, Girl on a Thin Wire.

Lauren Myracle was my grad. assistant during the first semester of Vermont College and read the early chapters of Girl on a Thin Wire. I listened to her read from her novel, Kissing Kate, and again had that feeling of if I could only be a writer, I’d like to be like her.
In third semester, Liza reappeared as I worked on my critical thesis. She guided me through the writing and later evaluated my final lecture based on that thesis. It was Liza who saw the beginnings of my two voice novel in early character sketches.

So, as I see the grinning faces of Liza, Lauren, and Meg staring out of the pages of The Writer Magazine, I am honored to have been able to interview and shine the light on these women who have been my shining light guides at each doorway of the writing world.


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