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Online Animated and Talking Picture Books

on June 3, 2007

Sno-Isle Libraries are offering animated, on-line picture books through TumbleBooks

As a children’s writer, it’s thrilling to see a collection of picture books at my fingertips. No more rushing off to the library for a quick trip in picture book inspiration. Instead, I can simply pull up the link and read to my heart’s content. And seeing the animated versions reminds me of the importance of structure in a picture book.

Establish the character and the character’s problem.

Begin to try and solve the problem.

The problem gets worse.

Continue to try and solve the problem.

The problem continues to get worse.

And then, in one final satisfying two-page spread, the character solves the problem and the story wraps up with a final last page/scene leaving a resonating image in the reader’s mind.

Mmm…it sounds so easy…why does it take so many revisions and drafts…..

Key: Simple is NOT easy.

Although there was no “submission guidelines” or “writer’s guidelines” available on the website, and it seems like the majority of the books are bought from current in-print books, I think the possibilities of having online, animated and talking picture books opens up a whole new world for children’s writers.


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