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Teen Summer Writing Class

on June 13, 2007

Teen summer writing class! That’s right! This one is for you! And the good news……It’s on-line! So if you’re traveling, sleeping until noon, or writing in your PJ’s, it doesn’t matter….you can still be in a writing class!

What’s this all about?

Each week a lesson will be delivered to your e-mail. When you are finished with the lesson, send your writing to me and I’ll make comments and suggestions just for you !

Workshop topics include:

  • Creating Believable Characters
  • Crafting Strong Plots
  • Writing great scenes
  • Revision Strategies
  • Publication for youth and teens which includes a host of websites and publishing options for young writers.

Some of your writing workshop assignments include:

  • A one-page character sketch
  • A 1000 word scene (3-4 pages)
  • A draft of a 2000 word short story or first chapter to your novel. (5-6 pages)

Workshop Cost: $120

Length of Time: Six-weeks

Youth may start any time. The workshop is on-going.

Please e-mail me at mindy@mindyhardwick.com to find out more information and register for the class!


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