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First Published Writing–A Little History of Mindy

on August 28, 2007

When I speak to kids or adults, one question that is not usually asked is, where did you first publish?

The answer: My college’s literary magazine: The Angle published by St. John Fisher College.

I was reminded of this first publication and how much it meant to me when reading St John Fisher College’s alumni magazine. Senior intern, Jonathan Howard, spent the spring 2007 creating an index of the contents and contributors of each issue of The Angle. as well as scanning all the covers of many issues. The issues can be found on-line at the St. John Fisher Library webpage.

Not all the issues are scanned yet, but as I browsed, I was thrilled to see the 1992 issue where I was both on staff and published my first writing.

If you choose to read, “Endings.”, (And you’ll have to open it with a PDF file and scroll down to the writing), keep in mind, I was twenty..and full of romantic angst. (Perhaps something I have never quite grown out of as I find myself drawn to writing YA romance).

Rereading that first published piece, I see the connections of how I write with the juvie kids and the connections of my current Work-In-Progress novel. So maybe those early writings aren’t something we should shrug off, but instead perhaps we might look to those early writings for inspiration and as a way to guide us to where the heart of writing lies for each of us.

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