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Writer’s Space

on February 8, 2009

One question that often comes up in both writer circles and with young writers is: Where do you write? There is even a website devoted to Writer’s Spaces.

For me, the correct answer is I write all over–libraries, dining room table, coffee shops, even basketball games–no, I’m not really writing during the game, but my mind is working….

However, there is a central place in my house that I do “officially” call my Writer’s Space. In my current house, I am lucky to have both a library and an office. The library is downstairs, and the office is upstairs. I like this arrangement because when I have company,  my writing space remains private, while people can “get a glimpse of the writer” by browsing the library.

My writing office is actually not a room, but instead is a loft.  I like this “no room” sensation because it makes me feel like I am not boxed in by four walls.

While I write, my dog usually sleeps on the floor and sometimes the cat sleeps on the small bench.

Here are a few pictures:

Writing Office Loft

Writing Office Loft

Dog and Cat Sleep in the Writing Loft

Dog and Cat Sleep in the Writing Loft

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