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Writing Through Tough Economic Times

on March 7, 2009

Editor lay-offs. Closing of imprints. School and library funding slashed. What’s a writer to do? Keep writing!You may have to reinvent yourself a bit. But if you’re a writer, you write. No matter what. One of the ways I’m reinventing myself during this time is by working on an adult romance for one of the Harlequin Lines along with continuing to work on my children’s writing. I’ve done a lot of research about adult romances when I wrote my YA romance, and it occurred to me that I could write romance for adults as well as for YA.

But, there are other ways to survive through tough times besides changing what you write.  For example,  find a place to volunteer. When I left teaching five years ago, I had a lot of time on my hands. What did I do? I began to volunteer at the local juvenile detention center. And what happened from that volunteer work?  That little volunteer work  shaped a good portion of writing career and I still do it four years later! So you never know what might happen when you set out to reinvent yourself!

If you’re looking for other ideas of how to surive tough times, check out my latest article: Recharging the Writer Battery: Six Ways to Write Through Tought Times which has been published with Writing-World.Com.  And then ask yourself, how can I reinvent myself? It’s a time for innovation, not despair!


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