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Two New School and Library Visit Workshops

on July 28, 2009

It’s always fun to be able to add new workshops, and as I grow and change as a writer–so do my workshops. I’ve added two new workshops this year for school/library workshops You can see all of my workshops at my website. Please contact me if you have questions on pricing or availability!

Writing From Life: Flash Fiction
Flash fiction. It’s short. It’s fast, and it’s fun. In this workshop, Mindy will lead us through a series of exercises which “mine our memories” for ideas. Then, we’ll take those rich ideas and turn them into pieces of flash fiction. Recommended for grades 8th through high school and/or adult workshops.

Collage Poetry
Explore the world of poetry through this fun, hands-on poetry workshop. We’ll look at some artistic collages and read poetry written by young people found in books such as Paint Me Like I Am and Tell the World. Then, we’ll write our own poems inspired by quick and easy collages that we create. This workshop works best with small groups in libraries or after school/community based clubs. It would also work well in creative residency week-long settings.

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