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Flash Fiction with Youth In Juvenile Detention

on October 1, 2009

For the past four years, I’ve been a facilitator for a writing workshop with youth in a juvenile detention. The following two pieces of flash fiction were written about the experience.


2 responses to “Flash Fiction with Youth In Juvenile Detention

  1. Heather says:

    Mindy– I worked with troubled teenage girls for a few years, and only gave it up when I found the work to be emotionally incompatible with raising my kids–I miss it. I think that this is a fantastic outlet that you provide for these kids–and something I would love to hear about more. I followed you over from Verla’s and I’ll read some back blogposts to see what you’ve been up to… Thanks for being there in this way for these kids.

  2. Thanks Heather! I’m going to try and post more about the work with the kids at juvie on the blog. It’s intense, powerful work, but always reminds me of the importance of sharing our writing talents with others. And it gives me lots of good story ideas! Sometimes I get so carried away with listening to the kids talk, that I forget–oh right, I’m supposed to be running a poetry workshop here!

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