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Three Markets for Young Writers

on October 30, 2009


Magic Dragon, a quarterly publication, presents writing and
art created by children in the elementary school grades.
Objectives are to encourage the development of creativity in
children and to provide a medium to share their creative talent.
Encouraging children in the elementary grades to be unafraid
to express their creative ideas will increase their chances
of becoming adults unafraid to apply a creative approach to
all aspects of their lives and work. Stories and essays can
be up to three pages, poetry up to 30 lines. Each writer and
artist whose work is published in Magic Dragon will receive
two copies of the issue in which the work appears.


Skipping Stones is an award-winning, international magazine.
Celebrates ecological and cultural diversity, facilitates a
meaningful exchange of ideas and experiences. Young readers
of Skipping Stones, ages 8 to 16, hail from diverse cultural
and socioeconomic backgrounds. Skipping Stones provides a
place for writers and artists of all ages and backgrounds to
communicate creatively and openly. Writings (essays, stories,
letters to the editor, riddles and proverbs, etc.) should be
typed or neatly handwritten and limited to 750 words and poems
to 30 lines. We encourage writings in all languages with an
English translation, if possible.


Creative Kids magazine is the nation’s largest magazine by
and for kids. The magazine bursts with games, stories, and
opinions all by and for kids ages 8-14. In the pages of
Creative Kids you will find such fun activities as: brain
teasers, contests, stories, artwork, poetry, pen pals,
mysteries, and much more. The most exciting aspect of
Creative Kids is that it is written by kids. Students from
all over the world write for the magazine, so it includes
exciting examples of the most creative student work to be
found in any publication. Many kids get started by writing
for the magazine’s “Write On” section. Here, kids express
themselves by writing short opinion pieces about issues they
face on a day-to-day basis.


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