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Where Are the Girls in Baseball?

on September 14, 2010

It was my month to choose the book for the chapter of the  Everett Woman’s Book Group which I attend.  (The Woman’s Book Group’s  history includes helping to establish the Everett Public Library.  I’m happy to be a member in one of the group’s chapters.)

The book I chose for us to read in September was  Diamond Ruby by Joseph Wallace. Diamond Ruby is the story of seventeen year old Ruby who after losing her parents in the Influenza  Flu of 1918, has to figure out a way to keep her two cousins, Amanda and Allie, her drunk brother, Nick, and herself alive. Ruby is blessed with a long arm and the ability to pitch baseball.It is 1923, and the Cony Island Boardwalk has just opened. Ruby is hired to work as a side-show pitching balls. It is here that she catches the attention of both Babe Ruth and the Klu Klux Klan as well as the Rum-Runners of the 1920’s.

The book has a great, fast pace and Ruby is a very likable character. We had a lively discussion in book group!

After I finished the book, I kept asking, Where ARE the girls in baseball?

The following is the handout I created based on some research about girls in baseball. I gave this handout as a part of my book talk presentation.

Where Are The Girls in Baseball


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