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Picture Books

on October 7, 2010

George Shannon, children’s picture book author,  has started a new blog about picture books. His blogs includes essays, reviews, and information about his picture book critique service. If you’re interested in writing picture books, this is a good blog to follow!

Also, if you are an educator and want to write your own picture books while getting continuing education credits, I teach a distance learning course, “Writing the Picture Book” with SPU SPIRAL. (Scroll down until you find the class)

Teachers are Writers Too: Writing the Picture Book (5 Credits)

This course offers secondary teachers an opportunity to learn the craft of writing a picture book. The course focuses on teachers as writers; however, educators will find the lessons very applicable to the teaching of writing. The course focuses on learning to identify three types of picture books: Storybook, Concept, and Informational Picture book while exploring writing techniques used in picture books such as; character, structure, and the use of poetic language. Participants will write their own picture book but do not need to be an artist! This course looks at writing the text of picture books.

2 responses to “Picture Books

  1. Wow! Thanks for the comments. I’m old with picture books, but no new to blogging I’m not sure what a “ping back” is. Though it sounds a bit like a wrestling hold. I look foward to following THE MAGICAL WRITER.


  2. I’m not sure I know what a ping back is….but I think it’s the blogs get linked. Like friends in the blog world! I’m going to recommend that my teacher students taking the SPU class follow your blog!

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