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Juvenile Detention Poetry

on November 17, 2010

One of the blogs I subscribe to is, “The Free Minds Book and Writing Club.”

Free Minds uses books and creative writing to empower young inmates to transform their lives. All poems posted here were written by young men in the DC jail or federal prisons. The goal of this blog is for readers to provide encouragement and feedback for our young writers, and also to build connections with incarcerated Free Minds members and the outside world. This is often their first attempt at creative writing. Behind bars, they sometimes feel as though the world has forgotten about them. Our writers look forward to hearing how others have been affected by their writing. Every week we print out the comments and pass them along to the poets. This positive feedback helps them find their voices as writers and inspires them to continue writing.


I receive the blog posting about once a week, and it’s one of my favorite blog subscriptions.

This week’s poem, A Dropped Call, was powerful in the way the teen writer captured a moment in time in which he is trying to reach out and is being rejected.

I encourage you to read the poem and leave a comment on their blog.


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