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Literary Magazine for Teens: Submissions Wanted

on December 11, 2010


If you are a teenager currently enrolled in high school,
grades 9-12, Crashtest, the new online literary magazine
for high school writers,
would like to hear from you!
Crashtest publishes poetry, stories and creative non-fiction
in the form of personal essays, imaginative investigation,
experimental interviews, or whatever else you would like to
call it. We’re looking for writing that has both a perspective
and a personality. We’re looking for authors who have
something to say. Our first issue will be up in the spring.
Crashtest only accepts email submissions. Send submissions,
in the form of a .doc or .rtf attachment only, and any
queries to editor@crashtestmag.com .

Poetry: 3-5 poems at a time.
Fiction: 1 piece at a time (no word or page limit)
Creative Non-Fiction: 1 piece at a time (no word or page limit)

Crashtest accepts submissions year round, and we will be
reading for our inaugural issue until April 15, 2011.
Crashtest is an biannual online magazine founded and run by
the creative writing students at the Fine Arts Center, a
public arts high school in Greenville, South Carolina, so
that students in high schools all over the country will have
a place to publish work that tests limits, asks questions,
rejects the easy answers, risks obliteration, believes in
failure, is suspicious of scripted success.


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