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Book Gifts for Girls Ages 9-12

on December 16, 2010

It’s the week before Christmas, and you still have a couple people on your list. One is a young lady who likes to read, but you’re not sure what to get her, and when you go to the bookstore and look in the young adult section, all you see are dark covers, which you are beginning to think, pretty much look all the same.

But, wait! I have a couple suggestions!

There are two series which I highly recommend for girls, ages 9-12. Both series feature independent, strong, smart, female characters who are trying to solve a problem in their world. Both series don’t involve vampires, demons, or other dark things. And yet, both series do have witches, ghosts, and other paranormal creatures. Just a little bit more on the “light” side!

Gilda Joyce Psychic Investigator by Jennifer Allison

There are four books in this mystery series. Each book details a mystery Gilda Joyce must solve with her psychic abilities. Gilda is a smart, fun, and intuitive character, and I think girls of this age group (9-12) will really enjoy her stories.

Terry Pratchett has a new book out in his Tiffany Aching Witch fantasy series entitled, I Shall Wear Midnight. This is the fourth book in a series about Tiffany Aching and her trials and tribulations in learning how to be a witch. All of the books in the series have great humor, along with a character who will appeal to girls in the ages 9-12 group for her independent, determination.


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