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Blog Round-Up

on December 17, 2010

There are a lot of blogs, and, if I am not careful, I could spend hours reading blogs. But, I don’t have hours, and so I’ve narrowed my selection down to eight blogs. Here they are and why I read them:

Dear Teen Me. This is a new blog I’ve recently stumbled on. YA authors post pictures of themselves and write letters to who they were. It’s like reading personal diaries every day.

Glass Cases: Sarah LaPolla is an agent with Curtis Brown and keeps this personal blog. But what I love about her blog is it’s not agent, “How to sell your book” information.  Instead, she gives writers a format to try out some of their stories, personal memoirs, and flash fiction, and she posts about her insights about the craft of writing.  I love this blog, and always find it to be inspiring.

Buried in the Slush Pile: Madeline Smoot’s blog. Madeline was my first editor for Summer Shorts which is where my short story, “Hurricanes” was published. I’ve been reading her blog for a long time. Sometimes she is quiet, but then she’ll reappear. Right now she’s been posting about picture book submission for her imprint CBAY.

George Shannon’s Blog: This blog is like getting a lecture in picture books from Vermont College. Each week, George posts an essay on some aspect of picture book writing.

A Chair, a Fireplace, and A Tea Cozy. This is a great blog which gives all the information and scoop on current children’s books. I used to subscribe to the Horn Book, but when the renewal price got to be $72, I had to cut out the subscription. Plus, there seemed to be so many blogs reviewing the books, and I could access that information for free. However, one problem I sometimes have with the blogs is people are reviewing ARCs and it’s awhile before they end up in my library. By the time they do, I’ve forgotten why I wanted to read the book. The books listed on this blog, seem to be pretty easily available at the time they are discussed.

7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Another great blog about picture books. This one often includes interviews with illustrators.

Free Minds Book Club and Writing Group: This is the blog for the DC non-profit, The Freeminds. They run poetry and book workshops with youth in detention. Each week, they post one of the youth’s poems on this blog. Look for something like this coming in 2011 from the youth at Denney where I run a poetry workshop….

D’Blogala: This is an art journal blog by Dawn Devries Sokol. Art journaling is a hobby of mine, and something I’m working to incorporate with some of the poetry workshops at Denney. Dawn’s blog is a dose of inspiration every morning.

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