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Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing

on January 7, 2011

If you’re an artist (and yes, writers are artists), then you’ve probably at some point wondered: Where can I get funding for a project? Or I just need some time to focus on a particular project, how do I apply for residencies?

Over the last five years that I’ve worked with the youth at Denney Juvenile Justice Center in the poetry workshop, we’ve applied for different types of grants. We’ve received funding from the Everett Public Schools Foundation for YA poetry and YA books for the library, we’ve received a BECU School Grant which allowed me to work with the youth for a week in a workshop which included YA novels in verse, we’re funded each year by the Miller Trust Artist Exhibit Program to publish the youth’s poetry in a chapbook, and we’ve received picture books from the Illumination Arts Publishing Company to use as models for the youth’s own picture book writing.

Each time, we create a new project, I head out in search of funding.  But it’s a process, and as Gigi Rosenberg says in her book, Artists Guide to Grant Writing, “The grant writing process is a way to find your own answers to the big questions about your next project. It forces you to ask questions like: Can I do this work? How will this work add to the world of visual art (or of literature, or of performance). It compels you to articulate not only what kind of art you make but also why and how you make it.”

I have been recently been searching for funding for a new project we want to do with the youth entitled “The Diary Series.” The Diary series will be a series of workshops in which the youth read YA books based on topics they are currently dealing with in their live. For example, Gangs, Addictions, and Teen Fatherhood. We’ll immerse ourselves in YA novels and memoirs and then write poetry in response and which reflects the youth’s experience. As a part of this process, there will be a blog which showcases the youth’s work. But we need funding both for the YA books and memoirs we’ll read and to pay me as the workshop facilitator which includes keeping the Diary Series Blog.

I picked up a copy of The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing and found it to be one of the best books I’ve read on grant writing for artists. Rosenberg discusses topics such as: Writing a proposal, crafting a budget, and finding fiscal sponsorship–the pros and cons.

If you are interested in learning more about Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing, Gigi Rosenberg will be the Key Note Speaker at the Biz Art Conference in Edmonds on Friday, March 25. Biz Art is a great conference to attend as it focuses at the business of being an artist. I’ve attended for the last couple years and this year, I will be presenting a workshop entitled: “Write for Anthologies.”  I hope to see you there!


3 responses to “Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing

  1. Mindy: Thanks for the shout out! I hope to see you at BizArt! Best, Gigi

  2. I’m looking forward to your talk!

  3. […] “The Artists Guide to Grant Writing.” You  can read more about her book on my blog  post here. (And yes, we did get the grant I refer to in the January blog post for the Denney Diary […]

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