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Time Capsule

on January 14, 2011

Snohomish County is celebrating 150 years today.

As a part of the 150 year celebrations, a time capsule will be created. This week, I was asked if my children’s short story, “Hurricanes” published in Summer Shorts could be included. I was speechless. Some day, years and years from now, someone will open that capsule, pull out that book, and there will have been a record that once upon a time, I was a children’s writer living in Snohomish County. As a part of the presentation, I also included one of the poetry books written by the youth at Denney Juvenile Justice Center, “Because I Wanted to Be Loved.”  One of the picture books which the youth write and illustrate entitled, “Possible Day” was also included in the time capsule.

Many things may happen between now and when that capsule is opened. Books could be gone. I could give up writing. I could move. I could have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, or I could have no children. I could go on to publish many books. But, no matter what happens, that first story I wrote and published, will be sitting in a time capsule, waiting to be opened years from now. Pretty neat!



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