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on February 4, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, I attended the unveiling of the Big Shot Cyrus James Overpass Mural. The youth at the Tulalip Tribe have been working with Artist, Andrew Morrison. This is a part of the New Directions Art and Music Program in which the youth at the Tulalip Tribe will be working with various artists, including me in a poetry workshop in the spring.

The mural was chosen to be placed at the Big Shot Cyrus James Overpass because it is a place which has known to be tagged often with graffiti. The mural’s design was created by a young man, age 12, who said the vision came to him when he was out in his boat. At the mural’s unveiling, it was shared how the night before they were to begin the mural, the overpass was tagged again with graffiti. To the kids, it seemed hopeless to even start. Why bother? The overpass would just continue to get tagged. However, the youth and Andrew pushed aside this feeling of hopeless, and start they did, and since the mural has been in place, not one graffiti tag has been placed on the overpass.

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