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on February 23, 2011

There are many children’s writers, editors, and even agents who blog about writing for children. If you do a google search, you can usually find anything from the craft of writing to query letters and submitting. And I highly recommend subscribing to a few of these blogs, especially if you are just starting out writing for children. Some blogs I’d recommend include:

Kristi Holl’s Writer’s First Aid

Mary Kole KidLit

Buried in the Slush Pile

You can also find more blogs about children’s writing by looking at the blog rolls on the above listed blogs.

However, there is another resource which I always encourage writers not to overlook. And that resource is a print publication called Children’s Writer published by the Institute of Children’s Literature. I first started receiving Children’s Writer during the time I took the ICL class, Writing for Children.

Seven years later, I am still subscribing to Children’s Writer. AND, I often write for them. My most recent article, “Become a Guest Blogger” can be found in the March issue. And my article, “Write for Anthologies” was published in the January issue.If you are interested in writing for Children’s Writer, check out their guidelines, and before you query, be sure to read a couple issues to get a feel for what they are looking for in their articles. Writing guidelines can be found here.

Children’s Writer is a twelve-page newsletter that provides feature articles on current market needs, most of which include editor quotes and comments. There are also sidebars with information on publishing houses and how to submit. For example, the March issue had a feature article on Writing for Middle Grade.

Besides the feature article, Children’s Writer also includes specific articles on the craft of writing, as well as an insert which lists current market needs. The markets includes both magazines and book publishers, and what I like the best, is many times the book publishers will be the smaller houses which are more specialized in their needs (For example regional stories) and are open to unagented submissions. I can always find one or two submission opportunities in each edition.

Children’s Writer also sponsors quarterly contests and if you subscribe to Children’s Writer, you get to enter those contests for free. The current contest is for a 150 word Kindergarten story. Ends on February 28.

To find out more about subscribing to Children’s Writer.


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