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First Round Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest Winner

on February 25, 2011

I found out today that I am a winner in the first round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest for my young adult manuscript, “Illusions.” Now, at this stage, it’s not really about the manuscript because the first round is all about the pitch of the manuscript.  The first round looks at how well you can pitch what your manuscript is about and who might want to read it–all in under 300 words.

This is not the first time I’ve placed in contests with my pitches. A couple years ago, at the Seattle Romance Writers Conference, I won an individual critique session with an editor from Harlequin for my pitch, “Loves Last Whisper.”

And I’ve also sold quite a few articles about children’s writing as well as children’s non-fiction articles and middle grade short stories based on my query pitches.

So, in celebration of placing in the Amazon Breakthrough First Round, and in honor of the upcoming baseball season, I’ve decided to offer a Pitch Critique.

I will critique no more than 300 word pitches of the following genres: Young adult, middle grade, adult romance (Historical fiction, paranormal, inspirational, category, single title), and articles

The cost is $35 per pitch.

Once you send your pitch embedded in your e-mail to mindy (at) mindyhardwick (dot) com. I will look over your pitch and make sure we are a good match for a critique. Then, I will send you information on how to pay via Paypal. Once you have paid, I will critique your pitch for the following: overall strength of the pitch, plot development, character development, originality of idea, writing style, intended market, how the book fits with the market, why the reader would want to read the novel

I have posted a new page on my blog about the pitch critiques.

I look forward to reading some good ones!


2 responses to “First Round Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest Winner

  1. Magna Kruger says:

    Could you please critique my pitch.



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