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Biz Art

on March 6, 2011

On Friday, March 25, I will be presenting, “Writing for Anthologies” a workshop at Biz Art.

My first published middle grade short story was published by Blooming Tree Press in an anthology entitled: Summer Shorts.

One of my personal experience essays was published by Adams Media in an anthology entitled:  My First Year in the Classroom. (This book makes a great gift for a teacher, especially a first year teacher)

In the Biz Art Conference workshop, we’ll look at the benefits to publishing with anthologies, how to find markets for anthologies, and I’ll lead you through a couple writing exercises designed to help you find stories from your own life which might work well as short essays or stories.

BizArt Conference is designed to help artists acquire the business acumen they need to pursue their career dreams. Artists in all disciplines–literary, visual, performing and media, from students to professional artists–have much to gain in this artist friendly, business based learning environment. Each year BizArt features inspiring keynote speakers, informative workshops and thought provoking panel discussions, all led by artists with business savvy and other professionals who work with artists. BizArt also provides participants with numerous networking opportunities both within their own discipline and with artists from other disciplines.

This year’s schedule and workshops can be viewed here.

Gigi Rosenberg is the Keynote Speaker and author of a fabulous grant book entitled: “The Artists Guide to Grant Writing.” You  can read more about her book on my blog  post here. (And yes, we did get the grant I refer to in the January blog post for the Denney Diary Project).

The conference is very reasonably priced at $99 for both days (March 25-26) if you register before March 19.  It is $129 after March 19th.

Biz Art is a great conference for artists (of all disciplines) to spend a day or two learning about the business side of art.


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  1. […] Biz Art a great conference about the business of being an artist and you can find out more at my post here. […]

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