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on March 11, 2011

About ten years ago, (yes, ten years), I started what became a middle grade manuscript entitled, Stained Glass Summer. At the time, I was teaching middle school and a friend gave me a broken piece of glass she found near an art supply dumpster. A character started to form around that broken glass, and I called the story, “Jewels from the Dumpster.”  That story took me many places. It took me to the National Book Foundation Summer Writing Camp. (This is no longer in existence), and it carried me into the Vermont College Writing for Children MFA Program. During my graduate program, the story was retitled to be, “Girl on a Thin Wire.” At the time, I considered it to be a YA story.

I had some close calls with selling the story over the last couple years. One of which took me all the way through the acquisition process.

After the last close call to selling the story, I sent the manuscript out for an editorial critique with Sarah Cloots. Sarah helped me reshape the story to be middle grade. She also helped me clarify some of the character relationships.  I think sending that story to Sarah was one of the best things I could do, and I’d highly recommend having your manuscript critiqued before going out on the submission process.

The Seattle Author Editor Clinic has a check-list of what to look for in an editor here.

There are many authors and editors who offer manuscript consultations. A few of which include:

Sarah Cloots

Seattle Author Editor Clinic

The Editorial Department

Melanie Kroupa (Words into Print)

Last week, Pamela Greenwood, a freelance editor with the Seattle Author Editor , sat down to interview me about the process of being edited.

The interview is posted on the Seattle Author Editor Blog today.


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