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on March 15, 2011

The Spectacle is a blog where “authors of middle grade and young adult books discuss writing science fiction, fantasy, and everything else along the spectrum of speculative fiction.” Contributing authors include: Joni Sensel, P.J. Hoover, Linda Joy Singleton, and Chris Eboch.`

This week, Chris Eboch is blogging about Self-Publishing. The posts this week, so far, have included:

“Exploring the World of Self-Publishing”

“Why Self-Publish”

This series of posts on self-publishing explains why someone might go with the self-publishing option. It used to be that self-publishing was frowned on, and not something to be encouraged. However, times are changing, and more and more, authors are reaching out to other options for publishing besides the Traditional Houses. Chris Eboch is a traditionally published children’s author, but is now exploring self-publishing. As Chris Eboch explains in her post:

But money isn’t the only consideration. Sure, I’d like to make more money from each published book, but that’s not my primary motive for self-publishing. My first concern is the amount of time it takes for editors to respond to submissions—often six months to a year or more even with an agent or when I know the editor personally. And that’s just to get any response, even a “No.”

I can’t run my business this way. It takes too long to get answers, too long to get a contract, and way too long to get the book in print. When the rest of our world is speeding up, publishing seems to be slowing down. I have one friend whose editor has taken five years on her book, with up to a year for each revision letter.

With self-publishing, you can have your book available in a few weeks or months (depending on how much time you devote). This is especially an advantage if you have a timely book—one that fits current trends or relates to something in the news.

You may not get an advance up front, but you start earning money immediately. Amazon pays monthly for the previous month’s sales—compared to royalty statements every six months. Getting paid sooner means you can afford to spend time working on the next book.

For an even more enlightening blog post about how time is money check out Joe Konrath’s Time is Money blog post.

As technology opens up new avenues for publishing, I think that it is encouraging seeing how the world of self-publishing and e-books are opening up more and more as viable options for publishing.

If you want to learn a bit more about this process of publishing in all it’s multiple forms, there will be an April 3, Sunday morning, publishing session at the Whidbey Island Writer’s Conference in which a panel of those in the publishing world, including Amazon, will be speaking.


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