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on March 18, 2011

I am happy to announce that the Denney Juvenile Justice Center Poetry Workshop has a blog!

Six years ago, I began to voluntarily run a poetry workshop with the teens incarcerated at Denney Juvenile Justice Center. In the poetry workshop, we write poems about the youth’s life experiences.  Some of the poems have been posted on this blog and can be seen here, and here.

Denney has an endowed fund called the Miller Trust Art Exhibit Program. This fund hires local artists to work with the teens in specific, small group workshops.  The Miller Trust Art Exhibit Program hired me to do a specific workshop where I worked individually with about six to eight kids.  As a part of this workshop, we published the youth’s poems (from both the weekly workshop and the Miller Trust Workshop) in four different poetry books.

On the new, “Juvie Poetry Blog,” you can view and download the poetry books.

On the blog, we’ve also listed book resources which I have used in the poetry workshop.

In June, I’ll be running a poetry workshop funded by the Tulalip Tribes. The workshop will focus on addictions. We are going to be reading YA novels and memoirs about addiction and then writing poetry. Those poems will be posted on the blog too.

We hope you’ll stop by the “Juvie Poetry Blog,” and see the teen’s poems.


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