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Amazon Break-Through Novel Contest

on March 22, 2011

Another writing contest is the Amazon Break-Through Novel Contest. There are categories for both YA and adult manuscripts. The submission period runs in January or until a set number of manuscript entries are reached. In this contest, you are first judged on your pitch, then your first pages, and then your entire manuscript. I entered this year and just found out I made the Quarter Finals List in YA for my YA romance, Illusions. This means that both my pitch and my first pages were enticing. Unfortunately, I will now be disqualified as I left my name in the headers on my full manuscript. Your name is not supposed to be on your manuscript anywhere.

Lesson learned: Read contest rules carefully!


5 responses to “Amazon Break-Through Novel Contest

  1. Jen says:

    omg, that sucks! Except that part where your pitch and first pages got you on to the next levels :o). (if you get this twice it’s because i signed up for email and got blipped out).

    How are you? I’m crawling into blog-land, love your mast-head :o)

  2. Blog land is fun. I’m doing two right now. This one, and the one for the juvie poetry at http://www.denneypoetry.com. I only update that one about once a week.

    The masthead is one of the picks in Word Press. I thought it was fun and lively!

  3. Marcy B. says:

    Mindy, how awful! How did you find out you were disqualified? Did they send you an email? I am so sorry. I made it, too, in the quarterfinals. You have me paranoid that I may have done the same thing. It was too long ago to remember. Best of luck in your future writing!

  4. When I uploaded my manuscript, my headers (with my name) were still on the document. A friend did the same thing and mentioned it. Immediately, I knew I did the same thing! I was so concentrated on getting the manuscript uploaded, that I forgot to take off the headers. I uploaded the version that is out on submission, which includes headers! She contacted Amazon and yes, it couldn’t be changed, and yes, we were disqualified. There were quite a few people who did this too.

  5. Marcy B. says:

    Oh, I am so sorry. Thanks for explaining- not sure what I did.

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