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A Little Bit Of Romance

on March 28, 2011

I was reading Sarah Cloots’ blog this morning. My YA romance manuscript, “Illusions” placed in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. And yes, you  can go to Amazon and search my name and it will come up. Search under Melinda.  Or here is the link. And if anyone wants to write a review..that would be just lovely….I do believe that I am out for the next part because I have my name on the full manuscript and that is the next part of the contest.

The novel is a two-voice story and alternates between Shantel and  Christopher each telling the story. I’ve played with the tense in Christopher’s chapter in a lot of different ways. The current version is first person present. However, one thing which one of my contest critiques said is that Christopher’s tense is all over the place. When I read the excerpt through my Kindle reader, yes, I could see what she meant. So, I set about trying to change his voice to all past tense. However, what I’m beginning to feel is his chapters are turning into a muddy mess. This is why I was on Sarah Cloot’s blog this morning. I hired Sarah to do a manuscript critique for me on a middle grade novel, and loved her advice. So, I’m thinking I’m going to hire her to copy edit this manuscript. I feel like on the developmental stage, the story is set, however, I think  the whole manuscript could use a good copy edit!

When I was on Sarah’s blog,  I found this video.

I think it spoke to me today for multiple reasons. My favorite kind of stories with some element of romance. I just got a new kitten myself. My kitten is a Tortoiseshell cat with a white chest. And, I love, love, love how perceptive this guy is in the commercial. Love it!

So, enjoy a little, lighthearted romance this morning:

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