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Because I Wanted to Be Loved

on April 13, 2011

Today’s poem on the Denney Poetry Blog is Because I Wanted To Be Loved. This was also the title to our third book of poetry that we published.  Each time I edit a book, I look for one poem which will also become the title of the book. Although I cho0se specific poems that I would like to be included in a printed book, we have to obtain release forms on each poem. The release form is a signed parent permission that releases the rights of the poem.  Many times these release forms can be hard to obtain, and poems I had hoped would make it into the book are not included.  However, this process does something which I find very interesting. Somehow, a theme starts to emerge in the poems with release forms. Then, usually, there will be one poem which will become the title of our book. This poem will encompass the theme of the book. For example, in the case of the third book, the majority of the poems were about all aspects of love.

The day this poem was written, I brought in a handful of poetry prompts typed on small pieces of paper. We passed around a basket, and each person took one prompt.  These were the prompts we used:

I used to…

I always wanted to tell you…

You see me as…

But really I am…

What they don’t tell you is…

At first he/she told me..

But then…

Because I wanted to be…

I never told you…

I never wanted…


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