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Kids in Orange

on April 24, 2011

For the last four months, I’ve been working on drafting a memoir entitled, “Kids in Orange,” which is based on my experience running the poetry workshop at Denney Juvenile Justice Center.  This was not an easy story to write. Over the years that I have run the poetry workshop, I have kept an on-going journal. I used that journal, as well as the youth’s poetry to help me tell the story. Interwoven with the poetry workshop stories is a lot about my own life. One question I have received often is why do I run this poetry workshop with the youth in detention? Why is this always my favorite group of kids to work with? I hope that this memoir answers those questions.

Kids in Orange is a 60,000-word memoir for young adults and details my experience voluntarily running a poetry workshop in a juvenile detention center.  The memoir is told in short vignettes and flash fiction. Interwoven throughout the memoir is the youth’s poetry from the workshop. Kids in Orange is the story of how the giving of ourselves and our talents can help us find compassion and understanding for both our self and others.

The opening chapter to “Kids in Orange”  can be read here


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