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Pongo Publishing

on May 4, 2011

Today’s poem, “Remembered” on the Denney Poetry Blog was inspired by the teen poets who write and publish with Pongo Publishing in Seattle.

When I began running the poetry workshop at Denney, Richard Gold at Pongo Publishing, donated an entire box of their poetry book entitled, “Because I Didn’t Know the True Meaning of Love.” Each week, I handed out one of the Pongo books to the youth at Denney and we used many of those poems as our models.

The Pongo Publishing Teen Writing Project is a volunteer, nonprofit effort with Seattle teens who are in jail, on the streets, or in other ways leading difficult lives. We help these young people express themselves through poetry and other forms of writing. You can read more about them here, and if you are a writer, consider volunteering with Pongo. 

Pongo Publishing offers an entire section of their blog for educators. Please check them out here.

Included on the Pongo blog are pages which explain Pongo’s Approach, the Pongo Technique, and my favorite a how-to-create a Pongo Fill in The Blank Poem.

If you are looking for poem ideas to use with your class based on the Pongo Approach, there is an entire section of writing activities.

There are also links to each of the published Pongo Poetry Books and you can read sample poems from each book.

On Saturday, May 14, Pongo is offering a workshop to counselors and educators. There are scholarships available. Find out more about the workshop here.

The Denney Poetry Project is grateful to the support Pongo Publishing has given us, and for the inspiration we have found from the Pongo Poets.


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