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Dog Poems

on May 25, 2011

When we hand out the poetry books from Denney Juvenile Justice Center to community members and educators, one of the questions I receive is, “Gosh, why are they so sad?” or “Are they all so sad? Don’t they write happy poems?”

The poems written by the youth in detention express the teen’s experiences–and yes, a lot of those experiences are sad. The teens have a lot on their plate. I don’t expect their poems to be filled with joy and sunshine. But, it’s not all sadness. And, often, what I get to see in the workshop, are many moments which are filled with laughter and humor.  For example, there was the Halloween afternoon where the girls told me they didn’t need to wear costumes because they were already in their costumes. When I looked confused, they yanked out their orange over-sized shirts and pants, and said, “Orange. We are orange pumpkins.”

Or there was the day that the young man asked if he could write about his dog. This young man’s poem, Oho, is posted on the Denney blog today.

And if you are looking for poems about dogs, a great book to read is: Unleashed: Poems By Writer’s Dogs



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