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Book Sold!

on May 28, 2011

It is my great pleasure to announce that my young adult romance, Weaving Magic, will be published by Muse-It-Up Publishing in April, 2012!

Story Blurb: He loves magic. She loves romance. But the biggest illusion is the one Shantel and Christopher are telling each other. Sixteen-year-old Shantel and Christopher are falling in love, while failing to deal with some serious issues. Christopher’s feelings about his father’s imprisonment and Shantel’s feelings about her mother’s suicide are smothered beneath blankets of denial and addiction. Even though Christopher is trying to stay sober and attends AA, the unacknowledged roots of their problems refuse to stay buried, and soon, the two are headed toward a disastrous magic trick which sends Christopher to juvenile detention and forces both of them to move beyond magical illusions to find true love.

The story was partially inspired by the teens in the juvenile detention poetry workshop, and is partially inspired by a romance in my own teen years. I began to write Weaving Magic in my third semester of my MFA in Writing for Children Program. (This was 7 years ago!). At that time, I drafted a character sketch for Christopher and sent it to my adviser, Liza Ketchum.  Liza wrote back and said, “I think Shantel has a story too.”  And the process of learning how to write a two-voice novel began– it was not always easy!At times, I felt as if I was wrestling a bear to the ground! Each character had to have their own story, and yet, each character’s story had to weave together to be one story–not an easy process!

There were many things I learned as I wrote this story, and I wrote many articles about the process including: The Unreliable Narrator (Published in the SCBWI Bulletin this month),  When More Than One Voice Tells the Story, published in the Children’s Writer Guide Book 2008, and Young Adult Romance Writing: Lessons from the Adult Genre Writers published in the SCBWI Bulletin, Sept/Oct 2007.

Besides from Liza Ketchum, the other person I credit for being instrumental in shaping the  direction of this story was a critique partner, Jennie Spray Doering. (Check out her blog here). At one point, Jennie said, “You know, I think this could really be a good romance!” And then, over the years, Jennie continued to drop me little e-mails, “How’s that romance coming?” Jennie’s suggestion also led me to the Seattle RWA (Romance Writers of America) meetings and annual conference….something which pushed me beyond the Children’s Writing world, and into a whole new area of writing.

I’ve learned a lot from the Seattle RWA Conferences, and continue to attend and enter their contests. (I even won an early bird pitch contest for an adult romance idea a few years ago!) It was by attending the RWA Conference that I realized Weaving Magic could be submitted to some of the romance publishers too….which is how I discovered Muse It Up!   Muse-It-Up is a Canadian Publishers who specializes in romance e-books, but also publish in print. Their books are published in all formats and can be found on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and through their on-line bookstore.

And now, as the door opens, a whole new learning process begins! I’ll be blogging about the publishing and marketing process and look forward to this part of the journey with Weaving Magic!


10 responses to “Book Sold!

  1. Jen says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I thought i felt a disturbance in the force . . . ;o) 7 years of constant work, this writing thing is so easy, everyone should do it. Inspiring and exciting news. Keep posting about the process!

  2. It was right after you e-mailed me and said, “I know we’re going to be having good news soon..” Psychic! Now, I’ll have to come down for the February RWA Chocolate Writing Workshop! Yes….it’s easy….. and let’s toss in a publishing market in upheaval, and maneuvering through that part! Whew!

  3. I saw this on the blue boards and for some reason my posts are not …posting.

    I want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I am sooo excited for you!

  4. Louise says:

    congratulations! i can’t believe you stated this book 7 years ago! i remember you telling me about this idea. i am so excited for you and i can’t wait to buy my copy. will you sign it for me?

  5. Vijaya says:

    I love your story of perseverance, of sticking with it, and learning to tell the whole story … I’ve shied away from two-voice stories because they are HARD to do well.

    Great critique partners who nudge you along are more than their weight in gold.


  6. Mindy says:

    Thanks Vijaya! Two-voice novels can be challenging!

  7. Julie Musil says:

    I just read about your great news on the ICL newsletter. Congratulations!

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