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Those ’80’s Teen Books

on June 8, 2011

When I was in middle school, (1981-1984), we had a reader’s workshop in my sixth grade reading class.  It seemed like every class period, all we had to do was get a book from the library and start reading. I think we might have kept a reading journal with reflections on the books we read.  Every chance I could get, I was either at the Kirkwood Library combing the shelf for another book to read, or at B.Dalton’s at the West County Mall looking for another book to buy–most often bought with my babysitting money or allowance. I loved middle school and all the free-reading we got to do for class work.  At one point, my parents had a discussion with my teachers. Everyone agreed that I loved to read, but no one was quite sure what I was going to do with all that reading. At the time, we didn’t have authors come to schools and give school visits, so I had no idea that all that reading was helping me be a writer myself.

I stored all my books in a yellow bookcase and, oddly, when it came time to set up my first classroom as a seventh grade language arts teacher, that bookcase and those books resurfaced. I carefully labeled the spines with my last name, and set up my a reading workshop area for the class I was teaching.  A few years later, when I started writing my own young adult story, I repacked the books, carried them home, and shelved them back in that yellow bookcase in my home office. Although, I’ve never really gone back to reread any of the books, it’s comforting to see those books travel with me into my adulthood.

And now, there is a blog where you can go to revisit some of your favorite ’80’s books with their original covers!

Check out the Cliquey Pizza 3: 80’s Teen Books and ’80’s Pop Culture Blog

They’ve even included a How to Spot an ’80’s Teen Book 

Are your favorite ’80’s books included?


2 responses to “Those ’80’s Teen Books

  1. beccaspiral37 says:

    How fun that you got to read so much in class! 🙂

  2. Mindy says:

    It was great!!!!

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