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Author Page is Posted on Muse-It-Up

on June 10, 2011

I had a great surprise today. I went to the Muse-It-Up website to check out this week’s newest books, and there was my name with my author page!  One of the things that Muse-It-Up does is congratulate the latest authors on their recent contracts. So, if you go to the home page, and scroll down, you will see my name with a link to my author page. 

Or just click here to go to my author page.

Weaving Magic is a young adult novel about first love, so the book falls under the Orpheus Theme Line for Muse-It-Up. Theme lines are common in romance and books are usually classified based on their themes: Young adult, contemporary, paranormal, inspirational, etc.

If you have a chance, stop by and check out my author page. Once the content and copy edits are completed, and the book is ready for sale, you will be able to buy the book here too!

Very exciting!


2 responses to “Author Page is Posted on Muse-It-Up

  1. Rhay says:

    Too totally cool my friend!! I’m so stoked for you and can’t wait until your book is ready to read. Rhay

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