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Write With Youth In Detention–Pongo Publishing Seattle

on June 14, 2011
If you live in the Seattle area, and are a writer who wants to work with youth in detention in a poetry workshop, Pongo Publishing has put out it’s call for next year’s volunteers. As someone who has done this same work for five years with the youth at the Denney Juvenile Detention Center, I can verify it will be some of the most rewarding work you do as a writer! (Also it’s great for story and writing ideas!)
Here is the information:

1. Please review the Pongo web site, including the volunteer commitment and expectations (You’ll write your own poetry!) as described on the following page…




2. Carefully consider the volunteer schedule, which includes one of these times…


* juvenile detention (Tuesdays, 12:00-3:15 pm, mid-Sept to mid-April, in Seattle)


* the state psychiatric hospital for children (Mondays, 12:00-3:00, Oct-March, in Tacoma)


3. Email your resume and a writing sample (preferably poetry) to richard@pongoteenwriting.org .


4. In your resume or email message, please include all of your experience working with youth. Also, state your availability to volunteer on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon during the coming school year. If you are available both days, state your preference for working with Pongo inside juvenile detention or the psychiatric hospital. Finally, I’d like to hear why you’re interested in Pongo and our mission. And I welcome your questions.


Cheers and Best Wishes!

Richard Gold

Pongo Teen Writing Project



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