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Flash Fiction Published on Sarah LaPolla’s Blog

on June 15, 2011

I’m happy to announce that another one of my flash fiction pieces, “Jailbirds” has been published on Sarah LaPolla’s blog, Glass Cases.

The piece is inspired by the poetry workshop that I run at Denney Juvenile Justice Center, and I was playing with using an unreliable narrator to give the story a twist at the end. I hope you are surprised!

You can read “Jailbirds” here. 

Sarah wrote a great introduction to the piece linking it to the Denney Poetry Blog, so be sure to drop by and check out the real life kid’s poems when you are finished with the fictional story!


2 responses to “Flash Fiction Published on Sarah LaPolla’s Blog

  1. Rhay says:

    Would love to give you a like.. I really liked the flash fiction Jailbirds, but the like button makes me sign up with your web server and I don’t want to do that…

    Anyway great job on the story!! You rock gal!!! WINNER WINNER WINNER

  2. Mindy says:

    Thanks for posting it back to your facebook page!

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