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Plotting Teen Romance

on July 13, 2011

One of the workshops which I offer is Writing the Teen Romance. (This is usually offered as a face-to-face workshop through libraries and community education programs. If this is a workshop that you’d like to schedule, please contact me)

“Writing the Teen Romance” is a four-week workshop, and in week three, we look at how to plot teen romance.  A few months ago, I wrote up the plotting lesson  as an article and that article is now published on Writing-World.Com.

You can read Plotting the Teen Romance Here

Also, if you are writing romance, check out Writing-World.com’s  articles for writing romance

Or, if you are writing for children, check out the  articles on writing for children.

And if you think you might have a good article about writing, check out the submission guidelines.


2 responses to “Plotting Teen Romance

  1. mE says:

    Dear Mindy, I am in the creating stage of a R-novel with an ex-policeman who wants to provide fostering for teens (boys and girls) on a rodeo bull and horse stock ranch in eastern Washington. I intend to check out all your articles, etc., and would also like to know if you c/would respond to general questions re juvinile detention, or where/what contacts I might make.

  2. Mindy says:

    I will e-mail you.


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