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Teen Poems from Behind Bars

on July 20, 2011

We have two new poems posted on the Denney Juvenile Justice Center Teen Poems from Behind Bars Blog.

In the Eyes of My Little Sister

What They Don’t Tell You

Both poems were written in the June workshop in which we read YA book and memoirs while writing poems about our life.

On the last day of the workshop, I asked the kids to write a Thank You letter to our sponsor, The Tulalip Tribes, and include what they liked in the workshop. The following are some of the quotes from the kid’s letters. I think they speak far better than I ever can about what the poetry workshop means to the youth at Denney Juvenile Justice Center.

“I liked this workshop because I am a writer and a poet. It’s nice that I can write and share my writing.”

“I really liked this poetry workshop because I’ve been working on writing raps for awhile and they never seem to come out good. But now that I’ve tried poetry, I absolutely love it! I think I found my niche!”

“I wrote a rap about my life, but it didn’t come out so well as a rap, so I wrote it as a poem, and it helped me express my feelings so much easier. It makes me think about my life much more and how I need to change.”

“My favorite part of the poetry workshop was the writing and when I got to read the other poems. The poems really opened me up and made me realize some of the feelings that I had inside me that I had yet to realize.”

“I wrote a poem about my life, and it’s the first one I ever wrote. You should do this more often.”

“I wrote a poem telling my Mom how I felt about the situation that I placed my family in. I really liked that poem because I have not been able to express my feelings in words.”

“I read The Way Home and I really liked it because my Dad has the same job and personality as the main characters. (Carpet installer), so it was like having him here with me. Thank you.”


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