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Teen Poetry Writing

on September 2, 2011

Once a week, I run a poetry workshop with teens incarcerate at Denney Juvenile Justice Center. I got interested in doing this work when a friend of mine, Ann Teplick, told me about the work she was doing with Pongo in Seattle. I live a bit too far from Seattle to volunteer with the Pongo Program, so I contacted the Program Director at the detention center near me. They were thrilled to have a writer volunteer with the kids and run a poetry workshop.

The work is fulfilling, heartbreaking, and meaningful and it feeds my writing in many different ways.

When we first started the poetry workshop, Pongo Teen Writing Project donated some of their poetry books to us for the kids. We used those books for a couple years until we had our own set of poetry books, and a blog!

Our poetry books can be downloaded here and some of the teen’s poetry can be seen here.

Now, Pongo Publishing Teen Writing project has a new website! There are resources for teachers and counselors and poems of the week.  They also offer training sessions, so if this work is something you are considering, jump in!

Check the Pongo Teen Poetry website out here.

As a part of the website, teens can write a poem and e-mail the poem to themselves, e-mail the poem to others, share their poem with Pongo, or give Pongo permission to publish the poem on the website with the possibility to win the Pongo Poetry Prize! (More information about the poetry prize can be found here)

Stop by and visit the interactive teen poetry writing here. Very cool!




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