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E-Book Publishers for YA and MG

on September 12, 2011

My young adult novel, “Weaving Magic” is published by MuseItUp, a Canadian e-book publisher. (April 2012) and my upper middle grade, Stained Glass Summer is published by Musa Publishing. (December 2011)

Both publishers are e-book publishers.

What exactly is an e-book publisher and how is an e-book publisher different than self-publishing an e-book? E-book publishers are publishers who focus on the publishing format for an e-book–formatted and ready to be sold for Kindle, Ipads, Nooks, and available to buy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and at the e-book publishing house themselves. (And by the way–authors usually get the best rate on royalties if you buy directly from the e-publisher. This is because when your book is sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc, those places also take a cut of the book sale and so as the author, your percentage is going to be less on your sale)

Do e-book publishers release print books? Some e-book publishers, such as MuseItUp, also release print books. Some print books follow sales and reviews of e-books, and some are released about the same time.

Unlike self-publishing with an e-publisher, I did not pay for my books to be published with either e-book publishing house. At both MuseItUp and Musa Publishing, I have a content editor, a copy editor, and a cover artist. There is a publicist who sends the books out for reviews. And an ISBN number is assigned to the book. I have a royalty paying contract, and both publishers are very upfront about the amount of royalties on their websites before you even submit. Musa Publishing even posts their contract so you can see what exactly you will be asked before you even submit your manuscript.

Many e-book publishers accept manuscripts directly from authors. (Although if you don’t understand the contract, you might want a literary lawyer to look over it before you sign).

At both publishers, there is a lot of participation and author involvement. We participate in on-line Yahoo groups and interact with our readers and other MuseItUp and Musa authors. At MuseItUp, we also participate in the yearly on-line conference, Muse Conference, where MuseItUp is one of the sponsors. Both publishers allowed a lot of input into cover art, and at Musa Publishing, we have a data base where we upload all our information.

E-book publishers are fun for writers because  E-book publishers offer some great niche market opportunities. E-book publishers offer authors a way to build a readership. As a new author, I’d like to believe that I have a best seller right out of the gate, but it takes time to build my readers, and being published by an e-book publisher gives me that time I need.

I also had the good fortune of selling Weaving Magic and Stained Glass Summer at the time that both MuseItUp and Musa Publishing were building their lists, so my release date was much faster than the usual two years or longer which is more typical in the bigger traditional publishing houses. And this quick time span was also a benefit to me because both books will be released within months of each other, giving my readers a chance to read another book by me sooner rather than later! (Although it does make my writing life a little busy right now!)

I love books. But, I did receive a Kindle for my birthday this summer, which I love, and my friend’s tween and teen kids all seem to be attached to their Ipads. So, I can’t help but think that e-books are moving quickly forward!  I’m really glad I went with an e-book publisher for my first two books.

If you want more information about E-Publishing Houses, be sure to check out this blog and their listing. The e-publishers they review range from self-published to full e-publishing houses such as MuseItUp.

They have recently reviewed Muse-It-Up and it’s very promising! Read the review.

If you’d like to submit to an e-book publisher, here are some markets for MG and YA books:

MuseItUp Publishing

CBAY Books

Musa Books (I love the transparency on their website. Check out their contract. I love how it’s all right there for you to read before you submit!)

Noble Young Adult

Entangled Publishing

Jupiter Gardens


If you are submitting to e-publishers, be sure to pay attention to the submission guidelines. Formatting for e-book publishers has some things which are slightly different. For example, no tabs. .5 indents on all first lines.

Review this post for  e-book formatting guideline.

Good luck!

7 responses to “E-Book Publishers for YA and MG

  1. Bob T Panda says:

    Congratulations Mindy!
    Your success gives the rest of us hope!

  2. […] The other day, I blogged about epublishers and some epubs which are accepting YA and MG manuscripts. […]

  3. alisaacarter says:

    So do you think you’re selling more books because you have an epublisher as opposed to self-publishing? I can never find numbers on how many sales authors make with an epublisher compared to self-publishing.

  4. Mindy says:

    My books haven’t released yet. They release on December 30, 2011 and April 27, 2012. But, I will say that with an e-pub, I have cover art, formatting, editing which was very good, and promotion with the publisher. I didn’t pay out of pocket for any of those services. I really like the e-pub model. Both of my publishers are dynamite, and this model fits for me and these two stories. I think to sell books, the number one thing you have to do is write a quality story that people want to read, know who your audience is, and then continue to write quality stories that your readers want to read.

  5. alisaacarter says:

    I hope your sales are great! Please update us how things are going. BTW, why did you use two different epubs?

  6. Mindy says:

    I used two different e-pubs for a couple different reasons. Both e-pubs are new publishers. MuseItUp is a year old, and Musa just opened. I didn’t want all my “eggs in one basket.” MuseItUp is Canadian and Musa is in the United States. MuseItUp is doing some great promotion with getting their books out in the Canadian markets, such as this weekend, they had a big book signing in Montreal. Second, having two different e-pubs gave me the great luck to have two books coming out within six months of each other. The Musa title,(Stained Glass Summer) comes out first. Then, in April 2012, Weaving Magic will publish. I love having both books coming out within a six month period of each other. The timing gives both books great exposure to promotion and marketing. Both publishers are very open to their writers publishing with other houses. But at the same time, publishing with two different epubs gives me two places where I have books published already, and have a foot in the door to write new titles or sequel or series books.

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