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Facebook Fan Pages for Books

on September 14, 2011

There is a lot of “behind the scenes” buzz going on around the release of my two books, Stained Glass Summer (December 2011, Musa Publishing) and Weaving Magic (April 2012, MuseItUp Publishing.)

I’ve been working with Erin at Edub Graphic Art and Design to create a new logo, web and blog design. I found Erin through Etsy and loved her work. I thought it was fun and playful, yet, at the same time, professional. Erin sent me a questionnaire which included asking what I wanted to see in terms of design, format, and color. We’ll have the new site revealed in a few weeks or so, and I can’t wait! And yes, if you subscribe to this blog, you won’t have to resubscribe.

I’m also having new author photos taken, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my photographer. She’s a gal who received one of the Melinda Hardwick Creative Writing Scholarships that I give at Lake Stevens High School. Brianna is going to school at Cornish College of the Arts and works in photography to help her continue to pay for her education. We’re going to do some local shots, and I’m absolutely thrilled to get to continue to support her creativity and artistic talents!

AND, I’m working on a Facebook Fan Page for each of my upcoming books. (Just a little bit of activity going on over here right now! I’m hoping to get a lot of this going so I can concentrate on the edits for both books which are coming soon!)

What is a Facebook Fan Page and how is it different from a personal Facebook page? I have a Facebook page for my family and friends, but I wanted to separate my professional writing life from my personal life. So my choices were to set up an Author Facebook Fan Page or set up Fan Pages for each book. I chose the Book Fan Page. It’s a little more work because I have two pages to maintain, but I think it gives each book an equal opportunity be showcased.

So to create a Facebook Fan Book Page, the first thing I did was create a Fan Page in Facebook with the title of each book and my name.  This wasn’t too hard. I selected Product, Books and Magazines, and then Book for category. After each page receives 25 “likes,” then they get their own URL on Facebook.

I don’t have cover art on either book, yet, so I uploaded pictures of objects which either inspired the book (glass pieces for Stained Glass Summer) or objects which I created as research when writing the book. (A mosaic heart mirror for Weaving Magic. Shantel and Christopher meet at a Street Fair in a tent of mosaic stepping stones. Later, those same stepping stones reappear at the end of the book.)

The next part of the Book Fan Pages are the “status updates.” This is where I’m really having a good time. When I wrote both books, there was a lot of interesting information which didn’t make it into the book. For example, while researching Stained Glass Summer, I discovered a great “Kids Design Glass” exhibit at the Tacoma Museum of Glass. I also found a fantastic art program in Virginia called SOHO in which at-risk 5th grade girls are mentored by artists who help them design a “room of their own.” Jasmine would have loved being a part of both programs! None of these fit the book’s plot, but they compliment the book’s theme and subject.

The fun thing about having a Book Facebook Fan page is I can post “status updates” about all of those great programs and exhibits which tie into the book’s research, but not the book’s plot.

The other thing I’ve been spending time doing on the Facebook Book Fan Pages is “liking” other organizations which tie to the book.  For example, The Tacoma Glass Museum for Stained Glass Summer or Friends of Bill W. for Weaving Magic. (Christopher is attending AA and working on his sobriety in the story. Bill W is the founder of AA).

So, if you’re on Facebook, stop by and “like” the book’s pages. It’s a great way to find out the stories “outside the story.”

Weaving Magic’s by Mindy Hardwick Facebook Fan Page

Stained Glass Summer by Mind Hardwick Facebook Fan Page

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