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On-Line Art Class

on September 15, 2011

On Saturday, October 8, I’ll be teaching the workshop, “Writing the Picture Book,” at the Seattle Public Library University Branch from 2:00-4:00 p.m.  In the class, I use one of the exercises from Carla Sonheim’s great art book  Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Exercises to Make Drawing Fun.

I first met Carla last Fall at JournalFest.  At Journalfest, I took Carla’s class, “Wretched Girl Journaling.” And we had a great time being “Wretched!” JournalFest is a really great weekend of art journaling classes! It’s held in Port Townsend, in Fort Wordon around Halloween which is my very favorite time of the year. Plus, Port Townsend is one of my top creative spots!  So, it’s just a really great way to fill up on creativity!

This year, I’ll be at the Seattle RWA Conference on that weekend, so I won’t get to attend Journalfest.  But, one of the things I discovered is many of the artists live in the Seattle area and offer classes–either on-line or at their homes or other locations. So, even though I won’t get to Journalfest this year, I’ve been able to sign up for some of the various journal art classes throughout the last year, such as Carla’s on-line Silly classes.

Carla also offers some really fun on-line art classes. My favorite ones are her “Art of Being Silly Classes.” Every day, you get a fun worksheet in your e-mail. It takes about ten minutes  to do the worksheet and no elaborate art supplies are needed. Usually just pen, and crayon. When I’ve taken her classes, I do the worksheets with my morning cup of coffee. I love Carla’s classes because they really keep me in the fun mood I need to write for kids!

The latest “Art of Being Silly” Class is starting on September 25. Registration is now open!

Have fun!

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