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The Blue Door: Writing Exercise Part 1

on September 21, 2011

This past weekend I attended the KidLitCon Blogger Conference. One of the sessions I attended was given by Richard Jesse Watson. It was a session on finding a voice for your blog, and he shared with us his blog which included some of his art work and poetry.

One of the posts was a picture of a blue door inside a tree.

See the post and picture here.

Immediately, this art made me think of a writing exercise I do with kids in workshops–especially the kids in detention. I thought I’d break the writing exercise into three parts and post on three different days. You can try it if you want! The writing exercises should be quick–no more than ten minutes. Think of it as a way to get you warmed up for writing. If you want to post some of your writing in the comment section, go for it!

Here we go! Blue Door Writing: Exercise Part 1

Imagine that you are walking in the woods. You come upon a tree with a blue door. View Richard Jesse Watson’s Blue Door picture here for inspiration.

How do you respond to the blue door? How do you feel?

How do you approach the door? Once you reach the door, what do you do? Do you open it? Do you stop? Do you walk away?



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