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The Blue Door: Writing Exercise Part #2

on September 23, 2011

Today, we’re going to continue with the Blue Door Writing Exercise that we started the other day.

To refresh your memory, take another look at Richard Jesse Watson’s Blue Door art posted on his blog which inspired this series of writing exercises.

In the first writing exercise, we were walking in a woods and found a blue door inside a tree. We wrote about how we felt about the door, how we approached the door, and if we opened the door or walked away.

Now, let’s go on…

You have opened the door. (For those of you who decided not to open the door, your writing exercise will be to write about how you feel now that you are back on your path and didn’t open the  door).

When you open the door, what do you see? Include the five senses. How do you feel after opening this door? Do you step inside? Do you begin exploring what is inside?


If you’d like to post some of your exercises in the comments, that would be fun!


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