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Writing Retreats

on September 28, 2011

Two or three times a year, I pack a bag of books, my computer, a tablet of yellow paper, and head for the Oregon Coast for a solo writing retreat. A couple years ago, I attended Stormy Arts in Cannon Beach and discovered the Hidden Villa Cottages. These are historic cottages in the Presidential Streets that are each self-contained units. They have small kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom, living rooms, and very cool Avalon fireplaces. In fact, the fireplace in the Sunflower Cottage was so great, that I came home, and had a similiar model installed in my lower living room.

Hidden Villa Cottages

I usually go in the off-season, around November and March. Prices are cheaper, and there is something about the wild, rugged coast in those stormy months that feeds my creativity.Although this year, I went in May and September. I enjoyed May. It still felt very off-season. Plus, the weather was gorgeous this past May.

It always takes me about a day or so to “stop running,” and slow down. And then gradually, I can sit still longer than ten minutes to read a book.

I was just out on the coast for one of my little retreats, although this time, I have to admit, I did do more work than I usually do. I’m working with a designer on a new website and we had a lot of back and forths about design and pages. And I was working on my two Facebook Fan Pages for both my upcoming books, Weaving Magic (YA Contemporary Romance)and Stained Glass Summer. (Upper Middle Grade, Coming of Age)

But, even though I was working more than I would have liked, I still got in a lot of beach walks. My five-month old puppy, Stormy (Somewhat named for Stormy weather on the coast), LOVED the beach, and I found myself out there after morning coffee, in the afternoon, and then again at sunset. It’s cold on the Oregon Coast. The average temperature seems to be about 50-60 degrees. It’s not like a beach in Southern California or Florida. But, that’s what I love about the Oregon Coast.  It’s a unique type of beach experience.

Stormy at Cannon Beach

And by the time I pack my car up again, I can always feel on the drive home that something in me has relaxed. Something has gotten a nice deep rest, and I’m ready to pick up my many juggle balls back home.


One response to “Writing Retreats

  1. Dawn M. Turner says:

    That sounds so wonderful – what a great description & event for you & Li’l Stormy to enjoy! ;o)

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