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Flash Fiction Contest

on October 18, 2011

Flash fiction is a form of writing I’ve been playing around with for the last year in a half or so. I’ve written a handful of pieces based on the teens in the poetry workshop at the juvenile detention and now I am exploring  the idea of shaping my memoir-in-progress to be told through flash fiction and/or vignettes. (This, of course, will be worked on after I get done with edits and the release of my upcoming middle grade and young adult novels, STAINED GLASS SUMMER (December 2011), and WEAVING MAGIC (April 2012)

On Saturday, November 5, I’ll be teaching a “Writing Flash Fiction Workshop” at the Dark and Stormy Weekend in Manzanita, Oregon. The workshop costs $25 and is held at the Hoffman Center. Manzanita is on the Northern Oregon Coast, and yes, it is often dark and stormy during this weekend! To register or find out more information click here.


For those of you who can’t attend the weekend in Manzanita, I will be posting the handout and exercises on this blog after the workshop is over.

In the meantime, here is a short, fun Flash Fiction contest. Good luck to all who enter!

Write a piece of flash fiction (1,000 words or less) inspired by a television show. Note:
While we have nothing against fan fiction, this isn’t a fan  fiction contest. Stories that include characters from a
television show won’t be eligible. Instead, choose themes, character types, and plot devices you’ve learned from your
television viewing to inspire your writing. Use your favorite TV show as a springboard for your muse. If you’re inspired by
I Dream of Jeannie, a story about a genie is appropriate. A story about a hot genie and an astronaut–not so much.
Don’t be limited by decade, genre, country, or popularity. Use television to spark your creativity–don’t just copy it!

Deadline October 31, 2011. 1,000 words or less.

1st Prize: Prize $100 cash via PayPal
2nd Prize: Prize $50 cash via PayPal
3rd Prize: Prize $25 cash via PayPal

Good luck!

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