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E-Book Reader Formats

on October 25, 2011

I have two books coming out in the next five months. STAINED GLASS SUMMER is an upper middle grade coming-of-age novel due to be released on December 30, 2011 from Musa Publishing.  And, WEAVING MAGIC is a young adult contemporary romance due to be released on April 27, 2012 from MuseItUp Publishing.

The question I receive most often is: Can I read it on my e-reader?

The answer? Yes. Of course! The books will release as e-books first!

The question that tends to follow is: Can I read your book on my(Insert the type of e-reader you have) Nook, Kindle, Ipad?

The answer: Yes.

But the formats for each reader are different. So, I’m going to explain the how and where you can buy my books and the formats. I will save and link this post to my book pages (Coming soon on my new website!), and so it can be used for easy reference if needed. It’s all really simple. There are some people who read e-books on phones and computers, however, this post is going to address the e-readers as that is the question I receive most often, and with the holidays coming up, e-readers will be the thing most people are going to want to fill!

Here we go…

STAINED GLASS SUMMER and WEAVING MAGIC release on December 30, 2011 and April 27, 2012. On the day of release, you will be able to buy the e-book directly from the publishers. (Musa and MuseItUp).  It is possible that you may be able to buy it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble on the day the book releases, however, the way books work at Amazon and Barnes and Noble is the publisher has to go through a lot of steps for formatting and getting the e-books ready for sale on those venues. Getting a book to that release date takes a lot of work! There are multiple rounds of edits, galleys to approve, cover art, and formatting for e-books to all the different venues. (And yes, they each have their own formats).

There are also a lot of steps that have to be taken before a book can show up on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. For example, to sell a book on Barnes and Noble, the publisher goes through Smashwords to get into Barnes and Noble. Once Smashwords approves the books formatting, and this can take minutes to several days depending on the book, then its gets submitted into their premium catalog to be approved. That approval process can take up to 10 days, if it isn’t approved, Smashwords tells the publisher why and how they didn’t like the formatting, the publisher fixes it, and the book goes back into the line for approval.

Once the book is approved into the premium catalog it is then shipped on a schedule to different retailers, Barnes and Noble, Apple, etc  Each retailer takes a different amount of time to load the book. Barnes and Noble usual posted two weeks after they receive the book.

Now, if you are going to buy the book from the publisher on the day of release (Which I really hope you are!), then you will be given a choice for the type of format you want when you go to buy the book.

IPAD or KOBO Reader: Download directly to your e-reader from the publisher’s site in the EPUB or PDF format. (EPUB) is the most popular format. Or, you can download it from the publishers site to your computer and then upload it to your IPAD or KOBO Reader. This is nice if you want a copy of the book for back-up.

NOOK: Download from the publisher site in EPUB or PDF Format (EPUB) is the most popular format. You’ll need to download the book to your computer and then upload to your Nook. Or, wait until the book comes up on Barnes and Noble’s website, and download directly to your Nook.

KINDLE: Most likely, you will be able to buy your book from Amazon on the day of release. Both Musa and MuseItUP have Amazon Store Pages which list all their books, or you can type in the title of the book and it will pop up.  But, if you would like to buy directly from the publisher, the format for Kindle is Mobi. You’ll need to download the book to your computer. Save it. Then plug in your Kindle cord to your computer (USB that charges the Kindle), and upload the book to the Kindle.

Here are the links for each publisher’s Amazon page. My book isn’t listed..yet….but you can browse other books published by these publishers. I’m enjoying reading Cindi Myer’s Western Frontier Romance books published by Musa.

Musa Amazon Store Page

MuseItUp Amazon Store Page

For a specific, detailed information sheet about the different e-book format types, check out this listing on Musa Publishing.

A side note–I make the best royalties from the sales which come directly from the publishers. This is because when you buy a book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Store, they will take a percentage of the sale before the rest goes to the publisher, then my percentage will come from the amount remaining. However, I understand that sometimes it’s just easier to go to Barnes and Noble or Amazon or the Apple Store where you already have an account set up and click download and let the book float through the cyberspace to your e-reader!  I’m guilty of this myself!

Also, during the weeks following the release of both books, I’ll also be hosting some contests on my blog, Goodreads, and Library Thing, so get ready to have some fun in January 2012 with STAINED GLASS SUMMER and May 2012 for WEAVING MAGIC! I’m looking forward to the fun of sending these stories into the world!

2 responses to “E-Book Reader Formats

  1. rhay says:

    so am I reading right? You can’t buy your book on your kindle on the day of release. Have I miss read something

  2. Mindy says:

    Most likely, Kindle readers will buy the book from Amazon on the day of release. The MuseItUp books are all showing up on Amazon on the day of release right now. Amazon tends to be faster in getting the books uploaded than Barnes and Noble. But, the books that go to Barnes and Noble are also being fed out to other third party book sellers through Smashwords, so they’re going more places.

    If the book is not on Amazon on the day of release, the Mobipocket format is the format for the Amazon Kindle. It’s on the list of formats that Musa has posted here:

    When I announce the book’s release, I’ll link to wherever the book can be bought!

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