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I Remember

on October 26, 2011

Last week, I did a poetry exercise with the teens at Denney Juvenile Justice Center called “I Remember.” I read a few pages from Joe Brainard’s book, I Remember, that focused on Halloween and Fall. Then, I asked the kids to write a list of “I Remembers” about Fall.  We’ll use this list as a jumping off place for writing next week. One of the “I Remembers”  I wrote was about my Mom’s red carnival glass candy jar. She always kept the candy acorns and pumpkins in the jar. Right after the Denney workshop, I spent a few days visiting my Mom.  The first thing I noticed was the red glass jar was filled with…Candy Acorns and Pumpkins! What do you remember about Fall?

Red Candy Dish with Acorn Candy

Red Candy Dish

One response to “I Remember

  1. mE says:

    Going thru my e-mails…missed yours… my Mom too had carnival glass and kept mints in a couple of them placed in the kitchen and living room. My sister shares with me the many object’d’art Mom had…always brings back memories.

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