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on December 12, 2011

I’ve been presenting writing workshops for awhile. As a former middle school and high school teacher, writing workshops are very comfortable to me.  But, now, with the publication of STAINED GLASS SUMMER and WEAVING MAGIC to follow in April 2012, I’m branching out. I’m going to start offering free twenty-minute Q & A Author Skype Visits to any class or bookgroup who has read STAINED GLASS SUMMER and/or WEAVING MAGIC.

Some authors present entire workshops on Skype. I’m not ready to do that yet. I still like the human, face-to-face interaction when I’m presenting a workshop. My workshops tend to be very interactive–lots of discussion, writing exercises, and sharings. I’m not sure how those things can be captured on Skype.

But, I do think that a twenty-minute Q and A on Skype could be just the thing to reach readers–especially when funds are tight and flying an author in for a day is not an option. The Q and A’s will be offered free to any class, library group, or bookgroup who has read or is going to read STAINED GLASS SUMMER and/or WEAVING MAGIC. Skype Q & A’s are a great way to kick off a Battle of The Books. They can also be a great way to enhance a class who is reading in literature circles. (STAINED GLASS SUMMER would make a great book for an “arts” literature circle.) Both books also have free readers guides with questions and activities which can be downloaded from my website.  (I’ll highlight those in another post). Skype Q & A’s can also be great ways to have an author visit students in a place which might be hard to reach–such as a small, rural school on an Island or an International School.

If you want to learn more about Author Skype visits and how to prepare for one, here are a couple great links:

Kate Messner’s Blog Post

Skype An Author Network

And if you want to set up an Author Skype visit with me, contact me here.


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